6. How to raise a concern

6.1 We encourage workers to raise concerns internally within their own organisations in the first instance and wait for the organisation to respond to the concern before taking any further action. This could be to a line manager, area or senior manager, HR, or via their employer’s whistleblowing policy. For students or education professionals, this may be their educational body or supervisor.

6.2 A flowchart to help understand how a concern should be raised is contained in annex 3.

6.3 We are an alternative route for workers, who have raised a concern within their own organisation and are not satisfied with the response or lack of response from their organisation, or feel unable to raise their concern within their organisation. Workers in this situation should follow the procedure in section seven to make a disclosure to us.

6.4 There may be other bodies with whom a worker in the optical sector could raise a concern, such as another healthcare regulator or a regulator of education institutions at which optical sector workers are studying, or an NHS body.