4. What concerns can be raised to us?

4.1 Concerns that disclose allegations of wrongdoing/malpractice at work which include, but are not limited to:

4.1.1 criminal offences;
4.1.2 failure to comply with an obligation set out in law;
4.1.3 miscarriages of justice;
4.1.4 endangering of someone’s health and safety; and/or
4.1.5 covering up wrongdoing in the above categories.

This can include individuals or organisations practising illegally, putting someone’s health at risk through fitness to practise concerns, fraud and financial impropriety.

4.2 Such concerns must be made in the public interest and the worker must reasonably believe that the information is substantially true.

4.3 Workers will be under the legal protection of PIDA if they raise a concern (‘protected disclosure’)4 to us when the:

4.3.1 above criteria for whistleblowing is met; and
4.3.2 the matter falls within our remit as a prescribed person. Refer to section 3.2 for our remit.

4.4 For further confidential advice about whether a concern falls under the whistleblowing protection, you can contact any of the free advice services listed in annex 1.

4 A “protected disclosure” is the legal term for whistleblowing which brings about the protection of PIDA against victimisation. The protection is separate from the role of the GOC who investigate concerns and can provide advice and support during this process.