12. Reporting and Review

12.1 We have a positive duty to report annually on whistleblowing concerns raised with us and will include this information within our annual report.

12.2 The Whistleblowing Commission developed a Code of Practice which recommends best practice reporting areas. As such, we will endeavour to complete an annual review of the:

12.2.1 number and type of concerns raised;
12.2.2 outcomes of investigations;
12.2.3 feedback from individuals who have used our process;
12.2.4 number of reports of victimisation;
12.2.5 number of investigations which were discontinued due to restrictions arising from anonymous concerns; and
12.2.6 relevant legislation changes.

12.3 In addition to reporting the number of disclosures that we receive in our annual report, we will monitor internally the number of disclosures that we receive and respond to any concerns about how we handle them.

12.4 We will review this policy every three years, taking into account new or changes to legislation and regulations as well as best practice before presenting it for consideration to the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC).