Other organisations

Guidance provided by other organisations

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It is important that all registrants are clear about the standards they must meet. Our standards, and any supplementary material, will be designed to provide such clarity.

In considering concerns about a registrant’s fitness to practise we will refer to our standards and any supplementary material that we have published.

Other organisations including professional bodies and employers, may choose to produce guidance that can help registrants to use their professional judgement in applying the standards set by the GOC.

The guidance provided by such organisations defines their own expectations of their members or employees and may be more detailed than that issued by the GOC. It is likely to be of particular value in providing guidance on issues relating to clinical practice where registrants may seek more detailed material to assist with their clinical decision making.

The GOC does not have control over the material produced by others but we will seek to work with other organisations to ensure that the guidance they produce is compatible with our standards.

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